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Famous bookcollectors

It has always been an intriguing question why people start collecting books and building up their own personal library. Among famous people we can find many book hoarders whose collection is amazing and set a good example to us.

Karl Lagerfeld: 300,000 books

“Today, I only collect books; there is no room left for something else. If you go to my house, I’ll have you walk around the books. I ended up with a library of 300,000. It’s a lot for an individual.”

George Lucas: 27,000 books+

Jay Walker: 20,000 books

Michael Jackson: 10,000 books+

Ernest Hemingway: 9,000 books+

William Randolph Hearst: 7,000 books+

Thomas Jefferson: 6,487 books

Nigella Lawson: 6,000 books

Harry Houdini: 5,000 books+

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