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Booklovers come back to Feheri Books because they know they will find what they are searching – and if they don’t, we are ready to help them find it. We help to build your personal library from our inventory that will reflect your personality. Book collectors are always welcome, and we are happy to provide personal assistance when required, including assistance in the selection of books.

Our stock dates from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century including smattering classics, exquisite beauties, curiosities and economics-law books.  Booklovers can browse through our huge collection of leaf books, liturgical books, magic-occult-pseudoscience books, manuscripts, medieval manuscripts, erotic books, science books and rare classics. Our carefully selected collection contains beautifully illustrated fine press books, botanicals-herbals-flowers books, classics, and documents on vellum, emblem books and women books. It is a privilige and and a noble responsibility to take care of these masterpieces and to preserve them for the future generations.

We abide by the codes of conduct and ethics of the UK’s ABA (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association), the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), and the PBFA (the UK’s Provincial Booksellers’ Fairs Association), whose members are selected for their proven experience, expertise and integrity.

A well read person is a dangerous creature

Antique book and manuscript specialist


The very first book in my collection was the first Hungarian Law Code linked to two contemporary lawyer’s manuscripts. The cover was a leather-bound leather bandage, burnt by candle battered in the storms of  history. Only the location of the staples could be seen: 1514, Kingdom of Hungary.

In a feudal Hungary, a unified legal book was in need. Although the king accepted the uniform use of the customary collection throughout the whole country, the barons sabotaged its introduction, and had no interest in establishing uniform and consistent legislation.

Each city had different rules, and the sources of law were often based on diplomas. In spite of all this, however, he reached all counties (at the author’s expense) and began to be used by the courts. Some of his passes were valid until the Second World War.

This rare book is a symbol of the unity of a politically and socially divided nation. It left a mark forever. I’ve been a passionate bookcollector since then.

Eva graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Law, and gained tremendous experience in international trade. Her task is to buy and sell books and to keep in touch with potential customers. In her free time she likes reading catalogues lying on her belly.

Cartography specialist


Reading under a blanket with a torch as a child, travelling on the magic carpet of words to distant places, exploring the history of human mankind through books is an eternal romance. Falling in love with rare books on dusty shelves, hunting for beautifully illustrated copperplate engraved novels in libraries while completely oblivious not only to the passage of time but to everything else around.

Admiring the meticulously selected letters on pages of hidden treasures, infected by literature and the thoughts of great authors.

There was no escape, passion for books was born. Building a personal library is not only a lifelong passion but a genuine necessity for those who constantly seek the truth and not satisfied with simple answers. Collecting old maps and books is a richly rewarding activity for those who are thrilled by history.

Viktor graduated from the Faculty of International Management and Business College and earlier he also graduated from the faculty of English Language and History College. He is responsible for managing the website and keeping you up-to-date with the latest maps and books.

Preservation and restoration specialist


Art conservation is one of the most integral aspects for the preservation of our cultural history. Books and papers are also part of this. My professional life is about preserving all of this for the future.

I started to work as an independent book and paper conservator nearly 15 years ago. My masters were among the best experts in Hungary. Since then I work for institutions (my permanent partners’re Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre and Research Centre for the Humanities Institute for Musicology) and private clients (collectors, antiquarians) too. A wide experience gives me the perspective required to adapt to the needs of each project.

I like keeping up-to-date of the latest advances in conservation, because an updated training is essential to provide the best service. I work under the standards of conservation and preservation of the reference institutions (ICOM, IIC…). I’m absolutely passionate about my profession and I always get involved in the projects I lead. I think, each paper has the right to have a second life and I’like to provide that for each of them.