Heinrich Bullinger: Archetypi homiliarum in Apocalypsin Iohannis


Heinrich Bullinger: Archetypi homiliarum in Apocalypsin Iohannis



Bullinger, Heinrich. Archetypi homiliarum in Apocalypsin Iohannis Delineati ab Heinricho Bullingero, Pastore __Eccelesiae Tigurinae. Zürich, 1602

His accessit Sylvvla homiliarum festalium, et selectiorum aliarum, de præcipuis doctrinæ christinæ capitibus.

2 volume in one book.

Posthumously published edition of the work in which the important Swiss reformer Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575) deals extensively with the individual verses of the Revelation of St. John.

Parchment binding (somewhat worn and stained as well as slightly scraped and rubbed) with Spanish edges, cover using an incunabula leaf. Zurich, Johann Wolf, 1602.

The second part is missing sheet 95; Sheet 96 with a small corner tear-off (without loss of text). The front flyleaf with supplemented corner tear-off as well as with hs. Annotations and ownership notice of “Andrea Schucan” from 1831. Title with underlining, the first sheet with an additional tear-out (loss of text). Individual pages heavily soiled, partly slightly discolored. The remarkable cover comes from an early parchment incunable. It is categorized throughout and is also equipped with Lombards

(12), 186, (6)., (4), 96

15 x 9,5 cm